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Car Pipe Making Machine

Car Pipe Making Machine is special design for Car Pipe, with high precision and security.

Direct Profile Lines

This tube mill adopts a direct forming section to produce square and rectangular tubing.

Tube and Profile Lines

This Precision ERW tube mill line is a combination of series machines installed in a line for the production of high frequency induction welded carbon steel tubes.

RT530 Huge Pipe welding line

RT530×13 high-frequency longitudinal welded pipe production line is mainly used for the production of round pipe φ219~φ530mm, wall thickness 4.0~13.0mm, square tube 170×170 - 400×400mm, wall thickness 4-10mm, and rectangular tube 260×130 - 400×200mm, wall thickness 4-10mm.

Light Gauge Cut to Length Line

This cut to length line is used for processing the steel coil into the desired length steel sheet and stacking them in order.

Light Gauge Slitting Line

This Slitting Line (i.e. metal coil slitting machine/ slitter line) is used for processing the coil into narrow steel strips with desired width.

Heavy Duty Cut to Length Line

Heavy-duty, Heavy gauge cut-to-length plate lines are designed to produce the most accurate lengths and perfectly flat sheets or plates.

Heavy Duty Slitting Line

Slitting Line devices master metal coils into smaller coils of a precise width.

Double Layer roll forming

The double layer roll forming machine is designed to save the machine cost and installation space. They are mostly suitable for the roofing panel and wall panels in trapezoidal and corrugated shape. The operation to change the dual-level is by clutch, easy operation and maintenance. The build-in hydraulic station make the machine structure compact also.

Roof Panel roll forming line

This metal cladding roll forming machine is ideal equipment used in steel structure & cold roll forming industry for metal roofing panel and wall panels.

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